1st Voyage in 2018 for tapioca chip from HCMC to South China

29/03/2023 , 12:58 PM

luka-saigon_hiepphuoc-1st Voyage in 2018, the start of the planned transport of agricultural exports in 2018 approved the previous year. The company of TOANTHANG Shipping has completed the loading of 10,139.69 tons of Tapioca Chip from Sai Gon Hiep Phuoc port call to Dongguan port for Mv. Luka

-With so many great challenges of the market of rising prices, demand reduced input of china side, quality standards of goods strict but with the policy of the company, the state accelerate the strength of export of agricultural products from Vietnam, Toan Thang Shipping always travel with shippers and shipowners in each shipment to complete with goals and plans set out in this 2018.