Chartering & Broking

***TOANTHANG SHIPPING is actively involved in the sector of spot chartering, time charter or bare boat charter in domestic or international trading area.
***We have strong enough links to provide databases vessel listed to fulfill charter enquiries come from Clients and Partners in bound and out bound also keep the confidential information each others.
***The company has the benefit of direct links to major shipowners of: Tween deckers-Mini Bulkers-Handysize-Handymax and Panamax vessels that trade worldwide 
***This gives the Group the ability to monitor vessel positions and cargoes, which is necessary to offer workable tonnage and commodities for charterers’ and owners’ needs


***TOANTHANG SHIPPING is located in South Port, Viet Nam and specializes in global dry cargo chartering. Our company has provided services as shipbrokers and chartering agents for ship-owners, operators and head charterers across the globe.

  • Whether our client is a charterer, requiring a “handy size” bulker for a voyage charter, or a geared “tween-decker” on time-charter or period, we will handle the entire process from selection to negotiation and fixture.
  • Similarly, for bulker-owning clients, we can assist in finding suitable cargo interests. 
  • This process is made more secure through the use of charterer’s questionnaires and thorough background checks.
  • To assist all our clients in this sector, we regularly provides updates of freight rates, chartering activity and cargoes and tonnage available.

***Our chartering consulting experience develops solid business possibilities for new ship owners and investors. We take pride in working diligently with clients and creating close, long-term relationships with an experienced team.
***Whether your company is in the business of grains, agricultural products, cement, fertilizers, limestone, solar salt, steel scrap, iron ore, coal, alumina, metal concentrates, heavy lift, breakbulk, project logistics, feed stuffs, edible oil, oil pipes, crude oil, refined oil, metallic and non-metallic minerals as well as chemical goods, steel products, equipments, machinery, bauxite, sugar and many other minor bulks etc.
***Whether your company are interested in seeking vessel to suit your tramp or liner service or time-charter /time charter trip, all bulk carrier sizes from mini through to the panamax are handled as well as specialist bulk carriers, self-discharging vessels, container ships, ro-ro and multi-purpose vessels, employment for your vessel, we can accommodate your requirements. It is self-evident that large volumes of various commodities are transported every day from country to country.
***We will assist in finding a ship to carry the cargo you sold to overseas clients or locate and trade commodities for potential buyers.
***We can assist you in the improving the supply chain, for us its not just getting the ship to the discharging berth but its getting the cargo to the ultimate destination. Therefore having an effective supply chain that is well planned and synchronized can lower your costs and enhance your revenues.

***Chartering solutions are provided through the system of spot single voyage charters, period chartering and contracts of affreightment (COA) for charterers, operators and owners, handling both competitive and exclusive business.


***Shipping is an extremely important part of global trade and the world economy. It is self-evident, that large volumes of various commodities are transported every day from country to country, and very few people know what is involved to enable cargo to be moved. How do you find a ship to carry the cargo you have just sold to an overseas buyer or how do you buy a vessel if you want to be a ship owner? The answer is to talk to TOANTHANG SHIPPING, we serve you better in this solution.

***Cargo and or vessel brokerage is one of important aspects of our business. we have established steady relationships with many key ship owners, traders, shippers and logistics providers in VIETNAM, China, Japan, Korea, Russia and most Southeast Asian countries and regions. This gives us the ability to monitor vessel positions and cargo information so that we are able to offer workable tonnage and cargoes to charterers and owners.
To cater for the ever-growing demands of our clients, we have begun to pay more attention to development of cargo brokerage services worldwide. 

  • Cargo brokerage throughout Asian-Pacific Region (particularly for the routes in the range of VIETNAM, China, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines  and Japan)
  • Cargo brokerage for routes worldwide
  • The fleet operates worldwide —the lines cover China to Southeast Asia, Middle East, Indian Subcontinent, Africa, North-South America and Europe-Mediterranean Sea. Approximately half of the tonnage is involved in the Indian Ocean.

***TOANTHANG SHIPPING’s role is to act as an intermediary between the two parties engaged in a contract, whether they are Ship owners and Charterers in the chartering market, or buyers and sellers in the sale and purchase market. We may represent one principal or perhaps as the sole broker between the two contracting parties. During negotiations we will be involved in all phases to assure that the terms and conditions are beneficial for the represented party. This would include acquiring and bringing the business to potential clients, negotiating the main terms of the fixture or sale, finalizing the details of the contract and following the contract through to its conclusion.

***As shipbrokers, we consider ourselves as a HUB of market information and we match as many suitable cargoes and ships for ship-owners and charterers. Needless to say, owners and charterers who establish close links with us always remain satisfied with our level of service and are keen to work with us again.
***As for new comers to the market, our brokers ensure that they are well guided on the possible stormy events in the shipping market and their interests are well safeguarded. Our experienced shipbrokers handle chartering for various types of dry-cargo ships. Our team will work closely with you to determine the best solution and achieve your goals.
***WE can provide competitive services which include:

  • Consulting with charterers and brokers during chartering negotiations;
  • Determining marketing and sales strategies;
  • Negotiating contracts of affreightment (CoA) – Short and long term;
  • Instructing the vessel Master in respect of charter party terms;
  • Vessel monitoring to ensure adherence to charter party terms;
  • Voyage planning, execution and monitoring;
  • Laytime and demurrage calculations;
  • Claims handling;
  • Appointment and port agents, weather bureaus, surveyors and port captains;
  • Full post-fixture and account tracking;
  • Full voyage results reporting and analysis;
  • Freight management;
  • Arranging surveys of cargo holds or tanks and cargo;
  • Serve as a 24/7 first point of contact for charterers.***

***We are steadfastly pursuing ways to provide customers with diverse experienced bulk chartering and broking services including:
Dry bulk cargo
General cargo
Equipment projects

If your company has cargo that needs transportation to a destination in or outside of the VIETNAM or your country., contact TOANTHANG Shipping to have one of our representatives discuss your needs. Our Chartering Department connects your company with the right transportation for your cargo.