Dry Bulk Shipping

dry_bulk_shipping_tts_ ***TOANTHANG SHIPPING manages several cargo vessels for sea shipping as a ship-owner, its fleet includes handy size vessels with total deadweight around 25 thousand tons and 70 thousand tons, as well as professional international shipping company's own 1,500MT-3,000MT ships engaged in Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia routes transport of goods, we also hosting dwt 5000 MT, 8000 MT, 11000 MT, 20000-30000 MT heavy lift ship, container ships, bulk carriers, barge carrier, a lot of ships engaged in charter transportation and bulk scattered miscellaneous cargo charter business, our main carrier to the large port machinery, large chemical equipment, nuclear power, wind power transformer equipment, bridge plate, steel box, jacket, modules and submarine pipelines, steel, chemical products, wood products, iron ore, coal, petcoke, pke, copra, scrap, and other minerals, grains/agriproducts, bauxite, forest products, concentrates and fertilisers, steel products, equipments, cement, fertilizer, over-length, over-weight and heavy-lifting cargo including cargo for overseas aid and build project and other staple bulk cargo transportation business.
***In order to further meet the transportation needs of customers, we have entered into long-term contracts with major steel, electric power, and paper companies in China and Europe. Our vessels are enabled to provide package and bulk cargo transportation from domestic basic ports to the appointed port worldwide, also the following ports by time charting or voyage chartering operation.
***Based on the stable routes in Japan and South Korea, we also explore routes in Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippine, Thailand, Cambodia, Singapore and India, and furthermore, we open the routes from China, South east Asia and Far East to Middle East, America, Euro and Africa via tramp vessel service, particularly in the range of China, Korea and Japan with regular cargoes covering a variety of industrial and agricultural products. The company undertakes a large number of bulk cargo transportations from the atlantic to the far east , including iron ore, manganese ore, and grain etc,. We are collecting bulk cargo and general cargo to Southeast Asian Countries.
***Depending upon our specialized knowledge and experience as well as the competitive freight rates, we have been widely recognized by our customers and have become a regular contractor to some of well-known multinational companies for their machinery import/export projects.
***From anywhere to everywhere, all over the world. TOANTHANG SHIPPING's dry bulker service is constantly evolving to meet diverse customer needs with safe operations and a higher quality of service.

The main ports of each ROUTSES are as bellows:

  • To Southeast Asia: KosichangBangkokHaiphong Hochiminh JakartaSurabaya SingaporeManila
  • To Japan-South Korea and Russia of Far East: InchonPusanKunsanMasan Ulsan PohangChibaKashimaKawasakiKobeNagoyaOsaka
  • To Persian GulfKarachiIDubaiDamanMuscatAbbasUmm SaidDoha
  • To Red Sea: SudanHodeidahAdenJeddahAgaba
  • To Mediterranean SeaAlexandriaLattakiaTartousAlgiersRavennaSaguntoSpeziaIstanbul Constantza
  • To West Africa: DurbanLagosMatadiAbidjanLoango
  • To EuropeRotterdamHamburgAntwerpLiverpoolAmsterdam
  • To America: ManzanilloNew OrleansHoustonBuenaventuraSan JoseSan LorenzoLazaro CardenasCallaoCorinto
  • To China: Beihai、QinzhouHuangpuHongkong、FuzhouNingboLianyungangRizhaoTianjin

Besides the lines above, we also will assemble carrying capability for other lines of cargo transportation demands!


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