Result from the non-purchase of insurance of goods in international shipping

19/09/2021 , 10:52 AM to the working habits, shippers tend not to buy insurance for the shipment, that they have done many times goes well, as well as in the process of working with familiar providers, they tend to trust by the shipment took place a convenient way. By subjective psychological, that some owners have trouble when the problem occurred.

In the history of international shipping has had a series of classic accidents causing damage to people and property losses caused dozens of billion

- May 10/2011, The Ship of Greece Mv Rena have trouble transporting 1,386 containers, including 11 crates carrying toxic chemicals. Several days after ran aground at Tauranga near New Zealand, the ship breaking double due to strong winds and waves, and ship goods damaged completely.

- The Ship of Italy Mv. Ital Florida on 6 June 2007 having trouble making tilt Bulk Containers.

- On 10 May 2016, Mv Grete Mearsk container ship, on the route from Malaysia to Vung Tau, suddenly a fishing vessel runs through the front makes this ship diverted abruptly and plunge into the coastal sands. On 13 May, with the help of seven tugs total capacity of over 30 thousand horsepower, this above ship escape stranded region, damage was estimated at dozens of billions for the shipowner and shipper.
These incidents can happen anytime, but losses can only suffer as shippers. Therefore, the purchase of cargo insurance is essential, especially when international freight. Insurance benefits to shippers for:

- Compensation: This is the main effect of insurance to compensate financially to overcome the consequences of the risks, make sure to maintain the production and business operation and life of the covered object before the random hazards which we can't tame

- Precautions and limit losses: Insurance is a business activity. Namely the insurance provisions of the rules, required the insured to take measures appropriate and necessary to prevent and limit losses.

See the losses that customers encounter, as well as the benefits of buying insurance, ToanThang Shipping has contracted liability insurance with insurance group BAO VIET, with the motto "the risk of forwarder / intermediate never the risk of the customer. " We believe that choosing a good service provider, with the ability to share risks with customers will help customers prevent unnecessary risks.