Bulk and break bulk

29/03/2023 , 14:09 PM



dY_an_bai_viYt_hang_hoa_Ya_lamSOLUTIONS FOR EVERY CARGO

For providing worldwide transport solutions for bulk and break bulk cargoes, we are in direct contact with a wide network of nameable partners and shipping companies.

Sea-Cargo AS was founded in 2001 and owns and operates a modern fleet of MPP vessels with which they can offer Ro/Ro, container, side door (pallet and conventional) and heavy lift transports.

Based on much experience in this shipping sector, Sea-Cargo AS could specialize on the transport of wind energy components like towers, blades, hubs and nacelles within Northern Europe.

PuyVast BV, Noordwijk is a MPP carrier and operator whose core business is the regular transport of granite in bulk from India to China and Europe. PuyVast BV offers 3 to 4 sailings per month to various Chinese ports and 1 sailing per month to the Med, Northern Europe and occasionally to the USA and Canada.