Mua Bán Hàng Nông Sản


agri_trading_header_1***From the main activity in the maritime sector which help us to access, to transport their cargos and partners with a lot of shippers agricultural-forest-minerals in Viet Nam as well as abroad. They are the suppliers of large  export/imports, prestigious brands in the world merchandise market with the strength of the supply of large commodities in a short time and with high reliability, besides the price of sellers are very consistent, simplified procedures competitive with rival field.
***Realizing this is a wide field, there is much more sales-purchase demand and great potential in the developing trend of cargo exchanges on the global in the next century. Standing in front of opportunities and challenges. We, TOANTHANG SHIPPING boldly building the business of commercial cargo for agricultural-forest-minerals, We act as a bridge, is the breakthrough solution and promote trade between buyers and sellers come from practical needs and experiences in this field.
***Come with us means you are embracing the opportunity to own the goods that you need to purchase to serve for operating your business or sell goods to customers the fastest with solutions support for successful implementation of sales-purchase contract.
***The customer is king, we realize the importance and always build, develop high service and professional staff to provide customers with the most optimal.
***We specialize in trade on the domestic market and international kinds of cargos the following:

  • Steel/Steel Scrap
  • Cement/Clinker/Coal/Silica Sand
  • Wood Pellet/ Wood Chip/Round Logs/Sawn Timber
  • Tapioca Chip/Palm Kernel Shells/Fertilizer/Copra/Bag rice


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